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First you post, then you get the traffic, then you get the money

September 25, 2008

Making money with advertising depends on traffic. The more traffic you get the more money you can make. So how do you get the traffic? Post. A lot. More than 10 times a day if you want to make 75k a year. Do that and get 100,000 visitors a month and you’ll be sitting pretty. Also you’ll need to dedicate more than 10 hours a week to blogging. The more you post, the more likely your content will get picked up by Technorati, and then other blogs will link to you, and your PR will go up, then you’ll get trickle traffic, then your ads will get shown to visitors and then sit back and watch the revenue flow in.

Sounds easy right? Problem is there are many bloggers just like you trying to make a quick buck. So it’s really not that easy. Finding a niche is difficult and when you do, others will jump on the bandwagon and attempt to steal your thunder. The game is constantly evolving so don’t bank on making this a living.


EFF stands up for consent free linking

September 23, 2008

Mass linking directories and related sites can breathe a sigh of relief. Linking to a site without their permission can get you sued but the ruling might still turn out in your favor. Although the lawsuit seems frivolous it’s garnered attention from many SEO consultants worried about their directories and linking schemes. If a case like this were allowed to proceed a major precedent would change the way SEO works and even how sites are listed, searched for, advertised. Even if fundamentally the basis of the lawsuit were true no judge in their right mind would rule in favor of it. The entire Internet would collapse. Everybody would be suing everyone. Google would close up shop. The Internet would be no more. It’s a small comfort but keep on linking. Reciprocal linking seems like a safe bet for now.

Cuil? What’s that?

September 22, 2008

It might seem that way. Cuil came as quickly as it went. News that a top exec has left is no surprise. Cuil made it’s splash and sunk like a rock. The novelty has worn off and users have discovered there is no substance to the flash. Cuil looked good but I guess that’s the same way we feel when we get into a new relationship. At first everything is new and fun (and she sure looks good) but then the problems creep up. The annoying things you thought were cute are now just annoying. Finally you realize you don’t even like her. Thankfully Google has always been there and is willing to take you back.

Something missing?

September 22, 2008

Yes, you might notice some content missing … okay a lot of content missing. It’s been deleted. Don’t worry it will be replaced with new and fresh content in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

Web surfing ruined by ads

September 18, 2008

I’ve noticed over the past few months my web surfing experience has slowly gone down hill. My favorite sites are plagued by increasingly invasive ads. You know what I’m talking about. Rather than having the little flash ad at the top of the screen where you need to click rapidly to play the game or the one on the side panel with the live chat site with the cute girl (digg), they blanket the screen and force you to click the close button (computerworld). The GMC ad (espn) which pops up in the middle of the screen, the ads which open up when your mouse pointer inadvertently crosses over the ad, all of this in addition to the pop ups. Maybe you just learn to live with it or maybe you decide to do something about it. The web surfing population so far has decided to live with the problem. I hope we don’t get to the point where we end up surfing ads, rather than surfing for content.

Reciprocal links: how to get lots of bad links

September 10, 2008

If you’re desperate for links this is a quick way to get a bunch of low quality links. Doing link exchange, or reciprocal linking, pay a small fee get a bunch of websites linking back and forth. Just remember to keep track of your partners because there will be a lot dishonest websites out there.

In moderation, linking to actual partner sites or companies which you do business with, can be valuable. However developing links this way will take some time and dedication.

Another way is outsourcing. Pay an SEO specialist to get the links for you. Again, it will cost a bit of money but if you’re in a rush this will get you a bunch of links quickly.

If you’re starting a new site getting others to link to you will be difficult. Your site will not be established, thus the value of your link will deter a lot of website from linking with you. Starting out you won’t have very good quality sites to choose from but everyone has to start from somewhere.

Are you desperate enough to try black hat?

September 5, 2008

It’s a pretty dangerous path but if successful can get you ranked top 10. However Google engineers will eventually catch on and your Viagra sales will be short lived. On top of that once you get caught you will be blacklisted so be prepared to invest in a new domain. Before you consider going over to the dark side you should analyze the keywords you’re trying to rank for. Unless you happen to be trying to sell drugs in the ultra competitive Viagra market, most white hat strategies will get you some respectable results. I’m not saying don’t try it, I’m just saying be prepared to be punished when you get caught. Good luck.

Is $1,200 for front page of Digg worth it?

September 3, 2008

A recent interview with a Digg user revealed that some top users are using their clout for profit. Digg is one of the more popular social media sites regularly crashing servers from large influx of traffic by getting Dugg.

The Digg user says he charges “$300 – 500” for basic submissions. Actual article promotion will cost you $700 total. This is regardless of the traffic or Digg success. On top of this if the article actually makes it to the front page this will cost you another $500. This brings you to a total of $1200 for a Digg submission, promotion and an appearance on the front page.

The big question: is it worth it? Is the one time large influx of server crashing traffic worth the expense? If this one Digg user is any indication, yes. He’s making money and continues to offer his services. However, now that the cat’s out of the bag, ultimately the Digg community will seek out the perpetrator and probably exile him if he’s discovered. The Digg user took a big risk in doing the interview, but he also got paid.

He goes on to say that good content is still the key in addition to building a strong network within the community. With enough time and dedication you too can become a top digger, and who knows? Maybe you will one day be charging $500 per submission. So get digging.

“nofollow” links

September 3, 2008

Getting a link helps. Web searches are sorted by ranking those with more inlinks with higher importance. Which is why paid text links are so popular. Often times you may come across html code with the “nofollow” attribute. What gives? On the one hand the site is linking to you, on the other hand that site is not passing any rank value to you. Yes, it’s a link but search engines treat it with no value. If you’re trying to improve your rank, this is not ideal.

Within your site the nofollow code is helpful to avoid confusing the googlebot. Too much cross linking within your web page doesn’t look good. Just provide a clean site map and this will keep Google happy. A typical nofollow link will show up like this:

SEO Authority

Recognizing the right code helps. Keep getting those links and move up the ranking!

Everyone has good content

September 2, 2008

Content is what gets clicks. Good content gets read. Writing good content … well that’s the tricky part. A good first step is write about what you know. This allows you to be an authority (of sorts) in what you’re writing about. Plus it’s a whole lot easier to write about something you know rather than making it up as you go along. You will hear it time after time, content is king.

Write about something you are passionate about. Often great posts comes from raw emotion. Just be sure to go back and re-read it before you post, sometimes it can be borderline offensive. You will find that you will connect with other passionate bloggers and get comments. And everyone likes comments, but not spam. Comments are acknowledgment of your posts, like a tiny pat on the head.