Getting on Digg

October 8, 2008

While difficult it can be done. First of all be prepared to invest a lot of time in the community. Build up friendships, make interesting and funny comments, and of course submit good content. If you’re looking for a quick fix SEO solution don’t look to Digg, unless you’re prepared to spend $1,200. The recent clean up that’s happened has removed many of the old users who were perceived to be taking advantage of the situation and profiting. A few tips for submitting articles.

Be descriptive. Choose a good headline. Videos and pictures will more likely get clicked (please no porn). Link to the source article and not a spam blog. Don’t be anti Apple. Let’s face it, most users on Digg are pro-Apple and pro-Steve Jobs. If you have to fake it, do it, or just avoid the topic all together. Most importantly submit/write good content. Even if the community disagrees with you, thoughtful, well written, and fact based articles will win you respect. Good luck.

*also if your article gets dugg, be prepared to have your servers crashed by the Digg effect. Congrats!

Kevin Rose: 8 tips for getting on the front page of Digg


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