Is Google to blame for cybersquatters?

October 15, 2008

There’s no doubt there are many cyberquatters out there benefiting from misspelled domain names but should Google be partly to blame? This Wired article raises some interesting issues about Google’s adsense program. Google profits from ads being displayed on those parked domains which also generate hits and revenue for the cybersquatter. Now it just makes sense to continue to buy more variances of popular domain names and put up a fake site littered with Google ads. Can we blame Google for sitting on their hands and doing nothing about it. It’s hard to believe that Google isn’t aware that the problem is rampant. Perhaps Google needs to step up their efforts and ban advertiser accounts when violations are spotted OR perhaps there just needs to be a better forum to voice the concerns OR perhaps Google needs to create an area where the community can identify the offending sites. There are many options but if Google has been doing nothing, they are just as guilty as the guy registering the domain


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