Attack of the spammers

October 28, 2008

Hopefully your site allows you to make a lot of friends on the net. However you also need to consider that you will make a few enemies along the way. If you manage to piss them off they might hold a personal vendetta against your site. In extreme cases this can cause major disruptions for you and your website.

Comment spam. Flooding your posts with comments with either garbage or viagra ads. Make sure you have a good comment spam program installed.

Probing the defenses. Despite your best efforts you can’t rule out every single security hole. Someone hell bent on bringing your site down could find one and exploit it. Take extra care with the customer data you store.

Email spam. If you have a “contact us” section be prepared to get even more emails. This can cause a few things. The most obvious tons of useless emails which makes finding and replying to the legitimate requests harder. As well the bandwidth usage just clogs up the Internet and might even cost your site a few extra bucks. This could also be tied into DOS (denial of service) attacks.

Take care when making friends and enemies.


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