Shady SEO companies and their practices

November 14, 2008

Recently, and Made headlines for their shady business practices and got themselves sued. The State of Washington contends that these companies have ripped off their customers by misrepresenting their services. We’ve all seen these pitches before. Promises of page 1 Google rankings, increased traffic, impressive client rosters, and more. A few red flags should be up front fees, 30 day or 60 day cancellation notice requirements, unreturned calls, basically anything that sounds too good to be true.

This could set precedents for SEO marketing firms on how they advertise their services. Expect to see fine print disclaimers to protect themselves against lawsuits like these. Companies like this make the SEO biz look bad.


2 Responses to “Shady SEO companies and their practices”

  1. fire cracker Says:

    There are some firms that performs some unethical seo practices just to gain ranking and improve site’s performance in short span of time but they forget that this will only be done for some time but not in long run.

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