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Holidays a great time to review

December 23, 2008

While you’re enjoying your time off it’s a great time to reflect on your SEO strategies. Have you fully implemented your SEO plan? How’s it going so far? What aspects were effective? Which need to change? SEO tactics are constantly evolving and what worked last year isn’t going to work next year. Talking with your consultant in the new year is a good idea. Refresh old ideas, talk strategy, reaffirm goals, and continue to develop relationships. Although it may be unpopular you might have to end some longtime relationships which have not reaped benefits for your website.

Change is never an easy thing but often can inject new life into your website. Keep those ideas coming. Don’t be so quick to brush off, potentially great ideas. There’s going to be a diamond in the rough sooner or later, you just got to keep plugging along. Good content will always attract attention. Focus on your SEO strategies for the upcoming year and you will enjoy online success. Happy Holidays!


Front page advertising still going strong

December 17, 2008

Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft all showed increases in paid front page advertising revenue. Compared to last year all search engine services had a noticeable increase. So you know somebody is paying money to rank well. Even in tough times advertising revenue gravitates towards old tried and true methods of drumming up business. No more risky strategies, go back to what works. Companies are pulling out all of the stops to get your business as competition for less sales could mean survival of the one who converts on advertising opportunities. Despite what you think, putting those dollars into promoting your brand will give you an edge on the competition. Don’t give up on your plan, keep with your SEO strategy during tough times.

Don’t be a Digg-whore

December 10, 2008

Social media site Digg can be incredibly useful and entertaining. However it is important to remember that it is not MySpace or Facebook. Having tons of friends does not make you a superstar. More often than not Digg is increasingly becoming a marketing tool to push traffic to sites for SEO purposes. Part of the problem is blind diggers.

Users who digg articles without reading them simply because one of their ‘digg friends’ sent them a shout asking them to digg something. The value of a single digg is nothing, however harnessed a few hundred by an SEO company and you have front page material.

Don’t be a digg-whore! Be careful who you decide to friend. If you get a few dozen shouts every day. You might want to un-friend that user. Only you can keep digg unpolluted.

The first part’s easy

December 9, 2008

In the beginning SEO strategies work very well. Taking a brand new site and building link velocity and ranking for content gets you all excited about SEO again. The basics have real time (almost) effects and gains. Content gets indexed within hours, Analytic data shows traffic for keywords. Everything is off to a rocking start.

Then the real work begins. Initial gains have to be maintained. Now you have something to lose. All the work you’ve put in has set the standard for your new site. It becomes a grind to get to the next level. This is the part when many amateurs give up the game. This is why you see so many consultants advertising their wares. Real pros grind out the details of SEO and are able to get web sites to the next level. Unfortunately there’s no cookie cutter formula that works for every site. The hard part requires some creativity and problem solving.

So remember the first part’s easy. After that real SEO experts earn their money.