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Interesting items of 2008

January 6, 2009

Google launches a browser: Chrome. After a bit of hype people return to Internet Explorer and Firefox.

A new search engine pops up: Cuil touted because of the mere presence of a former Google employee, quickly crashes and burns. People return to Google, some go to Yahoo and Microsoft. Does anyone still use Ask?

Adsense gets suckier. Yes, we all made less money while Google made even more. Any predictions for this year?

Twitter explodes (literally) people are using this thing left and right. I say, “What’s the point? It’s totally lame!”

Facebook, MySpace, and Digg still the main portals for a lot of people. Except for those dummies signed up with AOL. Hello! McFly!

Blogging is bigger than ever. SEO and search is messed up even more by Google’s tactics. Mobile search isn’t making a wave yet. Google earth, maps, street view is awesome on the iPhone. GPS is absolutely necessary, even if you know where you’re going.

The Internet is even more crowded than ever.