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Twitter can be dangerous

March 24, 2009

Sure micro blogging can be extremely useful and fun but it can also be detrimental to relationships. Take for example Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer (link). I guess John was too busy tweeting to his followers when he should have been arranging a booty call with Jenn. Damn, who’s dumb enough to pass up tapping some Aniston ass? John Mayer apparently. Hmm, Twitter or sex with hot Jennifer Aniston … simply decision for me.


Youtube, MySpace, then Yahoo

March 5, 2009

ComScore recently announced that Youtube topped the traffic charts for January. Followed by Myspace and Yahoo. In addition they estimated that each Internet surfer watched an average of 100 videos during the 30 day period. Each video last just over 3 minutes.

I’ve always had a hard time believing numbers from ComScore, Alexa, and other Internet statistics keeping sites. The accuracy of the sampled data is subject to large variations. It’s really hard to take the data and make conclusions due to the fact that it’s based on such a small relative sampling. Unfortunately, it’s the best we’ve got right now. Anything is better than nothing. So take the data and run with it. Just remember to upload your videos to YouTube.

What’s in a domain name …

March 2, 2009

Wow, just wow! Who says a domain name isn’t important in corporate america. Looks like some companies still have money to burn.

ToysRus pays $5.1 million for domain.

In content links

March 2, 2009

Placing links within post content is probably one of the safer routes to go when commencing a link campaign. For one the content will attract clicks, secondly the link will be keyword focused traffic. It’s a much slower way of building “natural” looking links and it will take some time and dedication but the rewards are definitely worth the trouble. Of course this requires a bit of quality on the part of the writer and good writers are hard to find. Don’t equate a good writer and a good blogger. They are both different animals.

Buying run of site links can be successful in limited quantities. Having a well placed link on a trusted site on the blogroll can push traffic to your site. However having too many run of site links creates a large influx of inlinks has often raises the red flag with the Google police. When a site all of a sudden gets a ton of inlinks that’s not natural and a Google engineer is going to take a closer look at where the links are coming from. Buying links isn’t wrong … so long as your buying them from Google. Just be careful. You don’t want your link count to jump from 100 to 10,000.