Fix Your Own Interweb!

June 26, 2009

The communist state of China has been struggling with the free flow of information granted to it’s citizens via the Internet. This does not make the government happy. As you know controlling information provides control over your flock. If you only provide them with rice, they’ll eat it up and think it tastes like candy. However more and more everyday the Chinese government loses it’s iron grasp over it’s citizens thanks to the Internet. The free flowing lifeblood of all that it is good and bad. In China’s case they squarely place the blame on porn, which of course is to be blames on companies such as Google and Yahoo, which of course are part of a larger conspiracy by the U.S. to undermine their authority. Sadly this is the Chinese way, blame others for your own mess.

Fix your own Interweb! Or better yet, make your own porn. Let your sex craved citizens see other asian folk going at it rather than some blond white chick and some big black guy! Isn’t that the real problem? The Chinese government is upset that THEY didn’t come up with the whole bangbus idea? Or would the China version simply be the bang-bicycle? How about this for an idea: the setting, a pirate dvd factory. You’ve got one hot chick slaving away at the dvd line, then she drops a dvd, she bends over then of course you know what happens. There you go, one great idea for a home grown movie that is both relevant and uses local talent. How about this one: the setting, government office of a high ranking official, say the guy in charge of milk products. Then have his young hot secretary come in to give him the latest test results from various factories under investigation. She drops the report (oops!) bends over to pick it up and then bang! You know what happens! Ok, so it wouldn’t have to be so scripted, so let’s just call it a documentary then.

I got tons of ideas. Hey, listen up China! I got the answers to your Internet problems. Make your own porn! Asian porn. Green dam getting death threats.hotasianchick


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