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SEO just got tougher

September 22, 2010

With Google’s launch of instant search results, the SEO game just got a whole lot tougher to rank. Not only are alternative search terms falling in terms of hits but page 2 clicks are dropping off the map. Now more than ever has it been so important to get to page 1, even if that means being just at the bottom. Instant search results are showing less results and often lead to hasty click throughs, leaving even some page 1 results in the dust. If you’ve traditionally ranked well then you need to pay more attention to holding on to your position as your competitors strive for new ways to unseat your website. If you haven’t been paying attention to the SEO game then you have probably already given up. The rules keep changing so you need to stay on your toes.


Twitter and Ask news

September 13, 2010

This could be a game changer. Twitter’s own URL shortener could make life difficult for and debuted on Twitter networks and appears to be a very powerful API for the company. We could see the beginning of Twitter shaping trends along with shortening URLs. A web marketers dream the web analytic possibilities are endless.

In news they have decided to end their Bloglines RSS reader service. The service is expected to end on Oct. 1 so users have plenty of time to export their syndicated feeds to another option. It would appear the popularity of Google reader, Twitter, and Facebook all pushed Ask out of the business. With decreased popularity Ask will put those resources to better use in another area.

Mobile Search for Android users

September 9, 2010

Like searches from your desktop or laptop, mobile users should be aware of the dangers. Recently Russian Android users have been the target of blackhat SEO artists under the guise of porn. A fake media player shows up in search results and prompts the mobile user to install an application. Once run, it stays in the background sending expensive sms messages costing the user $6 a pop. Ouch. The application is not available from the official Android store but shows up in search results. So next time you’re searching be careful of what you to be installed on your phone. (link)