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Is Google to blame for cybersquatters?

October 15, 2008

There’s no doubt there are many cyberquatters out there benefiting from misspelled domain names but should Google be partly to blame? This Wired article raises some interesting issues about Google’s adsense program. Google profits from ads being displayed on those parked domains which also generate hits and revenue for the cybersquatter. Now it just makes sense to continue to buy more variances of popular domain names and put up a fake site littered with Google ads. Can we blame Google for sitting on their hands and doing nothing about it. It’s hard to believe that Google isn’t aware that the problem is rampant. Perhaps Google needs to step up their efforts and ban advertiser accounts when violations are spotted OR perhaps there just needs to be a better forum to voice the concerns OR perhaps Google needs to create an area where the community can identify the offending sites. There are many options but if Google has been doing nothing, they are just as guilty as the guy registering the domain


Don’t be “Futureshop” be “BestBuy”

October 1, 2008

If you’ve ever been to a Futureshop or a BestBuy you will take notice of the difference the salespeople approach you. One of them is the aggressive pushy sales guy and the other is the attentive associate waiting to answer you every question. OK, so that’s a bit of an exaggeration. You’d be lucky to find someone at BestBuy who actually knows their stuff. More often than not they are the part time student who just wants the day to end and could care less whether that digital camera has image stabilization or whether you can find your favorite DVD in blu ray.

The point is being pushy never comes off well, whether it’s in a store, on a date, or on the Internet. There’s a difference between making your services available and making the information available and shoving the sales pitch in the readers face. More frequently you notice invasive advertisements popping up everywhere and on every site. Visitors coming to your site would relish a break from the pushy sales tactics. Making that first positive impression can go a long way.

Honesty and consideration can be a deal breaker. Make sure that the deal goes your way.

First you post, then you get the traffic, then you get the money

September 25, 2008

Making money with advertising depends on traffic. The more traffic you get the more money you can make. So how do you get the traffic? Post. A lot. More than 10 times a day if you want to make 75k a year. Do that and get 100,000 visitors a month and you’ll be sitting pretty. Also you’ll need to dedicate more than 10 hours a week to blogging. The more you post, the more likely your content will get picked up by Technorati, and then other blogs will link to you, and your PR will go up, then you’ll get trickle traffic, then your ads will get shown to visitors and then sit back and watch the revenue flow in.

Sounds easy right? Problem is there are many bloggers just like you trying to make a quick buck. So it’s really not that easy. Finding a niche is difficult and when you do, others will jump on the bandwagon and attempt to steal your thunder. The game is constantly evolving so don’t bank on making this a living.

Web surfing ruined by ads

September 18, 2008

I’ve noticed over the past few months my web surfing experience has slowly gone down hill. My favorite sites are plagued by increasingly invasive ads. You know what I’m talking about. Rather than having the little flash ad at the top of the screen where you need to click rapidly to play the game or the one on the side panel with the live chat site with the cute girl (digg), they blanket the screen and force you to click the close button (computerworld). The GMC ad (espn) which pops up in the middle of the screen, the ads which open up when your mouse pointer inadvertently crosses over the ad, all of this in addition to the pop ups. Maybe you just learn to live with it or maybe you decide to do something about it. The web surfing population so far has decided to live with the problem. I hope we don’t get to the point where we end up surfing ads, rather than surfing for content.