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Yahoo makes one more attempt

September 23, 2009

Yahoo is spending $100 million to try and save their advertising business but is it already too late? This time they are taking the message directly to consumers through their tvs, online, newspapers, billboards, everywhere or until the money runs out. Yahoo’s advertising has been on a steady decline from stiff competition with Google and Microsoft and never really recovered.

Just some numbers:
Market value: Yahoo $24 billion (Google $160 billion)
Share value: Yahoo $16-17 (Google $500)


Front page advertising still going strong

December 17, 2008

Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft all showed increases in paid front page advertising revenue. Compared to last year all search engine services had a noticeable increase. So you know somebody is paying money to rank well. Even in tough times advertising revenue gravitates towards old tried and true methods of drumming up business. No more risky strategies, go back to what works. Companies are pulling out all of the stops to get your business as competition for less sales could mean survival of the one who converts on advertising opportunities. Despite what you think, putting those dollars into promoting your brand will give you an edge on the competition. Don’t give up on your plan, keep with your SEO strategy during tough times.

Is Google losing the war on paid links?

November 25, 2008

If you’re not paying Google to advertise they won’t be happy. Google wants the entire advertising biz to itself and has been at war with other paid link services for a while now. But are they winning? A new service called InLinks promises to make paid links very difficult to detect and offers links for as low as $10 a month. Curious? I’m many are and already claiming success of their new link campaigns. One has to wonder whether Google is losing this war. Paid links have been around for a long time and many have benefited from the practice.

Let’s be honest, paid links are not hard to detect, but the fact is that many go unpunished by Google even the most rampant run of site variety. So why aren’t they doing anything about it? Could it be they just don’t have the right tools to detect these kinds of links? Suddenly Google’s technical dominance can be questioned. Why have they allowed it to go on for so long when they are clearly against paid links? Makes you wonder.

However if you’re thinking about doing it, paid links might be worth a try for short term strategies. Get a bit of momentum for your site, however continue building up quality, natural links, and always always content.