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Get Paid While You Can

June 24, 2009

The jig may soon be up for sponsored blogging. The Federal Trade Commission is looking into the business of sponsored blogging. Which means the way you get paid for doing your SEO magic might soon end. The practice has seen increased activity as of late but the economy sucks, you gotta do, what you gotta do. So your hands get a little greased when you give a favorable review for a product, big deal. Since when did that become a crime? It might come down to a simple disclosure statement. Something like “I got paid to write this review”. In any event, it’s a huge market to try to police, and if the FTC has it’s way, it will be delegated to a 3rd party to do the dirty deeds. So get paid while you can!


First you post, then you get the traffic, then you get the money

September 25, 2008

Making money with advertising depends on traffic. The more traffic you get the more money you can make. So how do you get the traffic? Post. A lot. More than 10 times a day if you want to make 75k a year. Do that and get 100,000 visitors a month and you’ll be sitting pretty. Also you’ll need to dedicate more than 10 hours a week to blogging. The more you post, the more likely your content will get picked up by Technorati, and then other blogs will link to you, and your PR will go up, then you’ll get trickle traffic, then your ads will get shown to visitors and then sit back and watch the revenue flow in.

Sounds easy right? Problem is there are many bloggers just like you trying to make a quick buck. So it’s really not that easy. Finding a niche is difficult and when you do, others will jump on the bandwagon and attempt to steal your thunder. The game is constantly evolving so don’t bank on making this a living.