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Don’t Forget About These

October 22, 2010

Google Maps here at your finger tips is literally the power to put yourself on the map. Select the appropriate category and complete your listing. This should help increase your site activity especially if there multiple business’ in your area. Pick a category that will result in better placements.

Beware of including too many keywords. You might notice a drop in ranking by trying this trick. A few keywords are acceptable but don’t go overboard. Trying to hit up every variation in search terms gets spotted by the googlebot and may not have the desired results.

Whether you like it not social media promotion is here to stay. Not only will a presence improve your local search results but the social interaction may drum up some business. It may not necessary contribute directly to more hits but with so many companies investing in this area it is hard not ignore the elephant. It may not benefit you immediately but it certainly will pay dividends going forward.

Good luck.


4 design mistakes

July 2, 2008

Background – black background with white text, black background with dark text, small tiled images which do not link together to form a smooth background.

Text – centered text, overuse of bold text, flashing text is one of the most annoying features a site can have. This is a deal breaker.

Content – a page full of links or too many links, questionable or controversial content, wrong content or tricking the customer.

Media – too many images or icons, too much flash or video, embedded audio which automatically plays and has not mute.