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Use Twitter to boost sales

April 16, 2009

Twitter is all the rage nowadays. Heck, even Barbara Walters is tweeting, and Stephen Colbert has “twatted”. Nice. For a company that stocks a lot of products Twitter can boost sales significantly. Simply tweeting current stock or new stock can catch the eye of a customer who’s looking for that exact product. And believe me, word gets around quickly. If even one person gets one of your tweets and picks up a deal because of your tweet, they are going to spread the word.

It’s not just about spamming your products, well, not completely. The trick is to actually have a really good deal every now and then. I mean a door crasher. Limited quantities of course. Remember, you’re running a business. You do need to make money. People love deals and if you give them some, they will come. Add on sales and extras will boost your bottom line.

So Twitter can be useful even for companies. Announcing products, new stock, sales, company news, even the occasional interest topic can build a relationship with your shoppers and consumers. It’s definitely worth a look. Give it a try, I mean a really good try, before you write it off.


Don’t be “Futureshop” be “BestBuy”

October 1, 2008

If you’ve ever been to a Futureshop or a BestBuy you will take notice of the difference the salespeople approach you. One of them is the aggressive pushy sales guy and the other is the attentive associate waiting to answer you every question. OK, so that’s a bit of an exaggeration. You’d be lucky to find someone at BestBuy who actually knows their stuff. More often than not they are the part time student who just wants the day to end and could care less whether that digital camera has image stabilization or whether you can find your favorite DVD in blu ray.

The point is being pushy never comes off well, whether it’s in a store, on a date, or on the Internet. There’s a difference between making your services available and making the information available and shoving the sales pitch in the readers face. More frequently you notice invasive advertisements popping up everywhere and on every site. Visitors coming to your site would relish a break from the pushy sales tactics. Making that first positive impression can go a long way.

Honesty and consideration can be a deal breaker. Make sure that the deal goes your way.