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Twitter and Ask news

September 13, 2010

This could be a game changer. Twitter’s own URL shortener could make life difficult for and debuted on Twitter networks and appears to be a very powerful API for the company. We could see the beginning of Twitter shaping trends along with shortening URLs. A web marketers dream the web analytic possibilities are endless.

In news they have decided to end their Bloglines RSS reader service. The service is expected to end on Oct. 1 so users have plenty of time to export their syndicated feeds to another option. It would appear the popularity of Google reader, Twitter, and Facebook all pushed Ask out of the business. With decreased popularity Ask will put those resources to better use in another area.


Time to sell out

January 11, 2010

Twitter’s latest jobs up for grabs might indicate this year’s direction of the company. They are looking to hire people who can turn a profit from the service. I guess after 2.5 years, it’s about time. So what does this mean? Advertising? Harvesting your tweets for “research”? Personalized product ads I’m guessing. Probably a “suggested link” after you tweet something or possibly based on who you follow. Right off the bat there might be a premium service you can pay for which could allow for more advanced features. That 140 character limit? Begone, with the premium service subscription! Not sure what else a premium service could offer you but it’s a start. (link)

Social Networking Blunders of the year

December 30, 2009

Digg Shout feature – wow, was this a doozy. I know Digg has undergone major changes this year but this was a really bad idea. Hello spammers! The digg shout feature opening things up likened to that of a email spam list. “Hey, this is a cool article, digg it and I will digg yours”. Is/was there such a thing of digg exchange like there is link exchange? Hmm, certainly a lot of articles found their way on the front page with the assistance of shouting.

Facebook privacy – what happens to my stuff when I delete my account? How long is my data kept for? Why am I getting all of these advertisements? Facebook privacy issues were thrust into the limelight and had to rectify this shortcoming in their platform. Hmm, I wonder how many late nights those coding monkeys were forced to work? Nothing like getting fired after your boss read your Facebook comments about him (oops).

Google Wave – invite only? WTF? Great in theory, major fail in reality. Proved to be useful in some specific situation but overall not the experience people thought it was going to be. So much for everybody working on solutions real time. People are still waiting for their invites.

Twitter security – what security? Hackers busted in and stole a bunch of passwords and probably did some tweeting of their own. So don’t use one of these common passwords. While it’s a cosmetic communication tool, it’s a big deal when someone else takes control of it. Hey Twitter, upgrade your servers, I’m tired of you being down all the time.

Social Networking URL’s High Value

June 16, 2009

It may be taken for granted. Your Facebook vanity URL or even your Twitter URL. Increasingly cyber squatters are targeting social networks and their properties. Over 200,000 Facebook URLs gone in 3 minutes. Some even already showing up for auction. I managed to get my second choice but what can I do? I slept in and missed out. Oh well. Even celebrity Twittering properties are high value. I wouldn’t be surprised if a few had to purchase their Twitter URLs in order to hop on the bandwagon with their peers. Hollywood is all about following the trendy thing to do. Might be a good idea to think ahead and jump on the next big thing. You might make a few bucks out of it.

Some of the more interesting Facebook URLs taken.

Use Twitter to boost sales

April 16, 2009

Twitter is all the rage nowadays. Heck, even Barbara Walters is tweeting, and Stephen Colbert has “twatted”. Nice. For a company that stocks a lot of products Twitter can boost sales significantly. Simply tweeting current stock or new stock can catch the eye of a customer who’s looking for that exact product. And believe me, word gets around quickly. If even one person gets one of your tweets and picks up a deal because of your tweet, they are going to spread the word.

It’s not just about spamming your products, well, not completely. The trick is to actually have a really good deal every now and then. I mean a door crasher. Limited quantities of course. Remember, you’re running a business. You do need to make money. People love deals and if you give them some, they will come. Add on sales and extras will boost your bottom line.

So Twitter can be useful even for companies. Announcing products, new stock, sales, company news, even the occasional interest topic can build a relationship with your shoppers and consumers. It’s definitely worth a look. Give it a try, I mean a really good try, before you write it off.

Twitter can be dangerous

March 24, 2009

Sure micro blogging can be extremely useful and fun but it can also be detrimental to relationships. Take for example Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer (link). I guess John was too busy tweeting to his followers when he should have been arranging a booty call with Jenn. Damn, who’s dumb enough to pass up tapping some Aniston ass? John Mayer apparently. Hmm, Twitter or sex with hot Jennifer Aniston … simply decision for me.