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Holidays a great time to review

December 23, 2008

While you’re enjoying your time off it’s a great time to reflect on your SEO strategies. Have you fully implemented your SEO plan? How’s it going so far? What aspects were effective? Which need to change? SEO tactics are constantly evolving and what worked last year isn’t going to work next year. Talking with your consultant in the new year is a good idea. Refresh old ideas, talk strategy, reaffirm goals, and continue to develop relationships. Although it may be unpopular you might have to end some longtime relationships which have not reaped benefits for your website.

Change is never an easy thing but often can inject new life into your website. Keep those ideas coming. Don’t be so quick to brush off, potentially great ideas. There’s going to be a diamond in the rough sooner or later, you just got to keep plugging along. Good content will always attract attention. Focus on your SEO strategies for the upcoming year and you will enjoy online success. Happy Holidays!


Common elements of good websites

October 30, 2008

If your website is missing one of these items this could explain why its not living up to it’s potential.

1. Navigation bars – header/footer. It’s a good idea to have them both just for simplicity. Try to give every incentive for the user to visit another one of your pages and potential use your services.

2. About page – with useful information. Sure you have an about page, but is there anything unique in there which personalizes you or your services? Anyone visiting your about page wants to check up on you and get a better feel for your company. If you provide good info and background that could be enough to seal the deal.

3. Updates. Having the option to subscribe to a newsletter or blog feed keeps your visitors in the loop. This takes the guess work out of the equation and gets new content to your visitors as you produce it.

4. Browser compatibility. Not every visitor is using IE7 (or Firefox, or even Safari). From a visitor’s point of view a web site that does not display properly in the browser “I’m” using never leaves a good impression. It takes a bit more of an effort but I’m the the user visiting from their iPhone will appreciate it.

5. Search. Maybe you haven’t created a page for every topic but you certainly have covered it on a few other pages. Sometimes a search feature will provide the answer for the user who doesn’t fit into the standard category.

Reciprocal links: how to get lots of bad links

September 10, 2008

If you’re desperate for links this is a quick way to get a bunch of low quality links. Doing link exchange, or reciprocal linking, pay a small fee get a bunch of websites linking back and forth. Just remember to keep track of your partners because there will be a lot dishonest websites out there.

In moderation, linking to actual partner sites or companies which you do business with, can be valuable. However developing links this way will take some time and dedication.

Another way is outsourcing. Pay an SEO specialist to get the links for you. Again, it will cost a bit of money but if you’re in a rush this will get you a bunch of links quickly.

If you’re starting a new site getting others to link to you will be difficult. Your site will not be established, thus the value of your link will deter a lot of website from linking with you. Starting out you won’t have very good quality sites to choose from but everyone has to start from somewhere.