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Yahoo makes one more attempt

September 23, 2009

Yahoo is spending $100 million to try and save their advertising business but is it already too late? This time they are taking the message directly to consumers through their tvs, online, newspapers, billboards, everywhere or until the money runs out. Yahoo’s advertising has been on a steady decline from stiff competition with Google and Microsoft and never really recovered.

Just some numbers:
Market value: Yahoo $24 billion (Google $160 billion)
Share value: Yahoo $16-17 (Google $500)


Should Yahoo Just Give Up?

June 22, 2009

Google continues to dominate the search arena. Microsoft search (re-branded to Bing) made a bit of a splash with a friendlier looking page continues to toil away at the search biz. Yahoo just continues to plug along. Should Yahoo just give up already? More and more it seems that Yahoo will never recover to it’s glory days of dominating the search industry. Don’t get me wrong. Yahoo is still a valuable piece of real estate and can earn revenue from it’s other sources but the search game may already be over. Perhaps it’s time to move on and spend those dollars developing other segments of the Yahoo portal. The growing mobile search was a feature Yahoo was late to join and perhaps is only now realizing the mistake. Strategic blunders continue to plague Yahoo management and the stock is slowly slipping. At least they had their moment at the top.

Youtube, MySpace, then Yahoo

March 5, 2009

ComScore recently announced that Youtube topped the traffic charts for January. Followed by Myspace and Yahoo. In addition they estimated that each Internet surfer watched an average of 100 videos during the 30 day period. Each video last just over 3 minutes.

I’ve always had a hard time believing numbers from ComScore, Alexa, and other Internet statistics keeping sites. The accuracy of the sampled data is subject to large variations. It’s really hard to take the data and make conclusions due to the fact that it’s based on such a small relative sampling. Unfortunately, it’s the best we’ve got right now. Anything is better than nothing. So take the data and run with it. Just remember to upload your videos to YouTube.

Front page advertising still going strong

December 17, 2008

Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft all showed increases in paid front page advertising revenue. Compared to last year all search engine services had a noticeable increase. So you know somebody is paying money to rank well. Even in tough times advertising revenue gravitates towards old tried and true methods of drumming up business. No more risky strategies, go back to what works. Companies are pulling out all of the stops to get your business as competition for less sales could mean survival of the one who converts on advertising opportunities. Despite what you think, putting those dollars into promoting your brand will give you an edge on the competition. Don’t give up on your plan, keep with your SEO strategy during tough times.

Has Yahoo’s time past?

October 28, 2008

Once a giant in the search engine business Yahoo is now struggling. A failed deal with Microsoft, bungled right from the start. Declining ad revenue. Let’s face it, most advertising money is going to Google. Laying off employees. Even less resources to put towards the search biz. There is no doubt Yahoo is facing some troubles in the days going forward. Should they roll over and give up on the search business?

Perhaps they are wasting their time and resources continuing down the path of search engine relevance. Maybe it’s time to focus on the things that their many users still go to the site for. Focus on what’s working. Yahoo news, email, community. Yahoo is still a great portal for many users. Perhaps focusing on the search segment may cost them a few users who convert to Microsoft. If you’ve been paying any attention to Microsoft (other than the ranting of Steve Ballmer) they’ve been putting a major push for the MSN live network. Making it easier to connect up all of your MSN services with one user id. Perhaps Yahoo needs to focus on integrating all of their services, making the user experience even easier.

Just don’t forget what you do well, and continue to improve upon it.

Yahoo Web Analytics

October 10, 2008

Yahoo is offering a new web analytics tool. Promising “near real-time” data analysis and analytics data in raw form. Google analytics on the other hand takes a few hours for analytic data to accumulate and the data is “translated” into usable information for the user. If you remember last April, Yahoo bought IndexTools, which is now the Yahoo web analytics.

A few more fancy bells and whistles to tempt Google users into switching. I’ll wait until the jury debates the features and renders a verdict.

Signs your web designer – FAIL!

February 28, 2008

1. calls himself/herself a webmaster – oh that old html zen
2. uses Frontpage or Dreamweaver – you gotta know your code
3. uses “100’s of search engine submissions to get your site traffic” – Google, Yahoo, MSN done
4. flash is his forte – flash isn’t great for spiders
5. keeps track of your traffic using a counter – 2 words, Google analytics
6. doesn’t know how to optimize your site for Internet Explorer/Firefox/Safari – know your code
7. client list includes family members or friends – just plain unprofessional